• Basic aspects when organising a sports event

    Organizar un evento deportivo

    The “healthy lifestyle” movement, based on taking care of our diet, being active and doing any kind of sports activity is the order of the day in today’s society.  That’s why nowadays is very common to celebrate sports events around the world.


    The planning and organisation of such kind of events it’s not only about organising a race in two days or planning a sports tournament quickly or maybe look for a sponsor to promote it and so everything goes from there, there are many things to take into account. That’s why in today’s post we’ll give you some advice about how to organise a sports event.


    Definition of the objective and the public of the event


    Prior to anything, we need to define properly why are we doing the event, which sport is it going to be practiced and who will be the target audience, since those aspects will guide us on how to start.


    Once the prior is done and based on the decisions made from there, we will be able to define where and when we want to celebrate it. For such decision we’ll have to take into account other events happening in the chosen city as well as others happening in different cities but with the same nature or sport, so they don’t overlap and compete between each other.

    Budget and financing


    When we have the key aspects defined such as objective, target audience, time and place, we need to define the budget we are going to need to develop the event including allocations for the venue rental, infrastructures and equipment needed such as offices, stages, changing rooms, hotels management…, additional material such as merchandising, licenses and permits, and of course an allocation for the marketing budget.


    Once the budget is done, we need to look for funding options and analyse the actions needed to overtake to be able to have benefits and a positive ROI. Such actions would include registrations, purchases within the event, advertisement and sponsorship as well as donations.


    After all the maths and after deciding the basic aspects for the celebration of the event, we will be able to decide if we want to go ahead with the event and start executing it or not.


    Trust the professionals

    If you want your event to be a success or at least to execute it in an effective and professional way, the way to guarantee it is by working with professional events agencies that know about the topic and that are familiarised with them. At Galben we are a great example of such agencies, since we offer our services for corporate events but we also have a wide experience within the organisation and management of sports events, offering advice on all sports, in the format that best serves the objectives that have been put forward.


    At Galben we are in favour of a healthy life and obviously of events organisation, therefore organising sports events fits us like a glove. A good example of such is our participation in the Mallorca walking event or the Santa Ponsa Cup football tournament,  a sports event celebrated yearly in Majorca where hundrets of people will enjoy football, the environment and the amazing weather of the island. An event in which to do sports, relate with the players of different countries and enjoy of 5 nice days with great company.

    What are you waiting for to start your event? If you are still deciding to start it or not, contact us without commitment and we’ll look into your case so we can find the best solution to make it happen.

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