• Mallorca, MICE destination: a safe bet for the present and the future (I)

    Some weeks ago Mallorca hosted one of the most important events of Spain's Travel Business sector: the Friends Gathering of the Travel Advisors Guild, a gathering that included meetings with the media, associates assemblies and other entertaining networking and team building activities, which we organized at Galben Travel & Business.

    Throughout the two days during which the event took place we put all our efforts into proving Mallorca's potential as a MICE destination, not only on a national level but also on an international one. At our specialized travel agency we clearly bet for strengthening the island as a business destination, a bet that is both backed by the public and privet sectors.

    The Gathering took off with a large press conference that attracted regional, national, general and specialized media alike. This could be seen as a statement in favor of the "authentic, widely unknown" Mallorca that has so much to offer to the MICE and Business Travel sectors: an enviable climate, an exceptional location, great accessibility, important connections, a high-quality complimentary offer and a selection of 4 and 5 star hotels that many cities would want for themselves.

    This exhibition of practical matters is a good summary of what José Miguel Gimeno, president of the Travel Advisors Guild, and Pere X. Galmés, CEO of Galben Travel & Business, wanted to transmit to the media. Both complemented each other and they exhibited clearly and unequivocally Mallorca's extraordinary potential as a base for events, meetings, conferences, conventions, incentives, etc.

    Their list of arguments was backed up by the words of the head of Tourism of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Pilar Carbonell, who made public her bet for putting Mallorca on the map of Spain's MICE destinations. A positioning, she said, that will become more evident with the opening of the city's anticipated Conference Center that is foreseen for 2016.

    We are glad to know that our efforts for turning Mallorca into a high-quality MICE destination have important followers, such as TAG and the Government of the Balearic Islands. If you still have any doubts with regard to the island's potential as a business destination, we invite you to read these two posts from our blog in which we explain why we believe Mallorca is an ideal MICE destination both for practical reasons and for the natural elements that make all visitors fall in love with the island.

    You can see more photos of the Friends Gathering 2015 in this Facebook album.

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