• Galben T&B starts 2015 with exciting news: a blog, social networks and more.

    Galben Travel & Business kicks off the new year with totally recharged batteries. The trip to Munich involving the whole Galben T&B team, which we will cover in another post soon, was a wonderful way to start the year. 2015 gets underway with two notable news items and other changes that fire us with enthusiasm.

    First off, we are proud to tell you that Galben T&B... unveils its new blog! This first post, by way of an introduction, will soon be followed by many more in which we’ll share, among other things, the latest developments in the corporate travel industry, the most popular destinations for incentive trips and the key factors for ensuring your organized group trip will be a success.

    Accompanying our new corporate blog comes the year’s second big news item: Galben T&B’s debut in social networks. From now on you´ll be able to keep abreast of our news and share yours with us on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

    The Galben website also continues to improve. After unveiling the website in 2013, we continue tweaking it so it will be easier to find what are you looking for. We’ve improved some sections and added new pages dealing with Galben T&B’s services, which we invite you to visit: Galben T&B Experiences, Galben T&B Groups, Work with us (CV) and, of course, our blog. Most important of all however is that we have launched the English-language version of our website.

    And finally we are delighted to tell you some news we are especially excited about: Galben T&B has been designated as the official travel agency of the Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus. We’ll be accompanying the choir on all its trips beyond the island’s shores. We’ll be giving you more details here.

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