• How to increase customer loyalty

    How many times have we heard that it is 10 times more expensive to attract a new customer rather than to foster customer loyalty? Thousands, right? Yes, we all know the theory and it is very easy to preach it but when the moment of truth comes… how can we transform our customers into fans of our brand?

    We do not have the magic recipe, we wish, but we are going to give you some tips on both how to gain customer loyalty and loyalty techniques that may come in handy. Shall we?

    We need to engage with the customers instead of focus only on selling

    To begin with, our basic rule is that we must engage with the customer instead of just trying to sell. We must create a relationship based on commitment and trust, making the guest feel at ease with us and our company  not just trying to attract them with promotions or economic benefits.

    “Our strategy must be based on the customer, not the product”.

    The relationship with the customer will therefore not only take place during the purchase but it has a life cycle that starts during the presale and continues with a good post-sale service, customer service, benefits for being loyal customers, guarantees, etc. In our sector, an example of customer relations actions may well be pampering them with an incentive trip .

    Relación con el cliente


    The importance of the internal client

    On this basis, the following key step is the importance of the internal customer. The ultimate goal is the relationship with the external customer but first we need our associates to be committed and aligned with the message we would like to convey and thus, it is key that the internal customer, our associates, are happy and in line with the mission so that they can exceed the final customer’s expectations by surprising them, anticipating their wishes and offering them that additional service that will make them “fall in love”. All in all, being able to offer personalised attention that meets their interests and doing so eagerly.  

    trabajador interno

    Turn your mistakes into opportunities

    Another strategy to boost customer loyalty is to turn our potential mistakes into opportunities. It may not always be easy and sometimes it may be difficult to find the way, but customers know that we are human and that we all make mistakes. The key is how we own these mistakes and how we manage and amend them so, if we manage to do this properly, a customer that is angry and unhappy due to a bad experience might end up feeling delighted by how we have dealt with the situation.


    Be different

    To finish, another aspect that we recommend to obtain loyal guests is differentiation. Avoid the conventional and do not be afraid of taking risks, the customer needs something new, fresh and that surprises them to choose A instead of B and C. If we always offer the same, we will not be giving them anything new that makes us stand out from our competitors so in the end they will make a price-based choice.


    Your company might be doing well and obtaining good results and new clients with your daily actions but, have you stopped to think about how many of your clients repeat and feel loyal to your brand? Perhaps you should analyse this datum and try to leave aside those expensive client acquisition campaigns and focus your efforts on turning your consumers into loyal guests. We hope that our ideas help you to achieve it.

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