• Incentive trip destinations for businesses

    Incentive trips for businesses are becoming increasingly common among those companies that want to repay their employees. It’s a business tactic that motivates the staff and helps reach the established goals.

    Many are the destinations you can choose for your incentive trips and following the 4 incentive trip trends for 2016 we already shared with you, we now want to recommend some of the most original destinations for incentive travel you have to include in your list.

    Kenya or Tanzania

    If you’re looking for adventure, both Kenya and Tanzania are ideal incentive trip destinations for the adventurous. They offer the team the opportunity to delve into an exciting adventure and remember it as an unforgettable journey. Safaris, field trips or sleeping in local villages are some of the activities you cannot miss in these places.

    Armenia and Georgia

    Despite not being very well known countries in the field of business tourism, Armenia and Georgia are the perfect combination for sharing an incentive trip. Thanks to their dramatic landscape changes you will go through deserts and mountainous regions, while the more daring will be able to enjoy adventure activities; the perfect destinations for escaping mass tourism.


    For those who are looking for a destination in which to soak in the local culture and broaden the senses, India can be one of the most gratifying incentives for businesses. Contemplate a sunset at the Taj Mahal, joining the Holi Festival with the whole team, or hopping onto a jeep to discover the Bengal tiger are some of the activities you will be able to enjoy in India.


    Relaxation, smiles and a good atmosphere: that’s Burma. Sailing along the Ayeyarwadi River or Lake Inle, climbing up Mount Popa, or discovering what it’s like to live in a Buddhist temple. These are some of the many options available in this country brimming with culture that you can enjoy alongside the rest of your work team, a destination that will definitely make you create unique experiences on your incentive trip.

    These are only some of the countries you can choose to discover on your incentive trip. At Galben Travel & Business, your tourism agency, we organize incentive programs for businesses adapting them to the needs of each individual company and always offering the very best options. And you, have you chosen a destination?

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