• Four curious suggestions for travelling with friends this Christmas

    Christmas is a time for holidays, family gatherings, meals and parties that go on into the small hours and, why not, travelling with groups of friends. Christmas and New Year are ideal for planning extraordinary organized group trips. We invite you to discover with our group travel agency four destinations in which to celebrate a different Christmas and live some truly unique holidays.

    Japan: Christmas in a KFC

    The national holiday in Japan is celebrated on December 23 instead of on the 25th, and the dates aren't the only original thing they have: of all places, the Japanese gather in a fast food restaurant. This has been this way since the Seventies, when Kentucky Fried Chicken launched its publicity campaign "Kentucky for Christmas".

    Norway: no brooms for Christmas

    A Norwegian tradition on Christmas Eve is to hide brooms, for traditionally they believed that witches entered people's home and picked up the brooms to fly around the house.

    Czech Republic: shoes that predict single women's future

    In the Czech Republic single women can find out if they will get married soon or not. On Christmas day they stand in front of a door and throw a shoe in the air. If it lands with its tip aimed at the door they can start looking for a wedding dress.

    United Kingdom: Christmas sales

    A Christmas tradition held by the British is going to the shopping sales. In old times, the service staff that worked for the rich received a box full of presents on Christmas in sign of appreciation, what was known as Boxing Day. Now, Boxing Day is still celebrated on December 26, but it is now known for being a day with big sales and discounts.

    Without a doubt, four highly original suggestions for enjoying a fun Christmas and New Year holiday with a group of friends and having a great time. If you and your close friends decide to go on a journey like this, leave the arrangements to us and all you will have to do is pack your bags and save your energy to spend it when you reach your destination.

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