Module Self Booking Tool

“Managing your business travel bookings in real time has never been so simple and effective”.

This section sets out the principal benefits of our booking management system for corporate clients – Self-Booking Tool Module by Galben T&B – which will provide you with access to all the information about seat and price availability in real time.

The online booking engine of the SBT Module by Galben T&B is an indispensable tool for all those businesses requiring an online booking system for their travel, whether via a Travel Manager or through the users themselves using predefined permissions. This will enable you to automate the implementation, fulfillment and personalized supervision of your corporate travel policy. It has a host of features that are customizable and adaptable to the needs of each client.

The SBT Module by Galben T&B online booking platform enables strict control to be maintained, ensuring that corporate travel policies are being fulfilled by means of reports and alerts; among the other benefits and advantages this tool secures for your business, it also reaps significant savings in travel costs and the time spent on managing bookings.

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