Corporative Events

At Galben T&B we have a long track record as a corporate events agency, backed up by an extensive list of successes that makes us a trusted option when it comes to coordinating our clients’ corporate events. We understand the complexity that characterizes good organization of corporate events, where it is necessary to attend to and bear in mind countless aspects and where we work in a way that is coordinated and focused on success from the word go.

Because ultimately corporate events function as calling cards for our clients and for the competition: therefore it is fundamental to be able to know how to convey the values and objectives of the company in the appropriate way, in addition to basic aspects of organization, coordination and efficiency.

The correct communication of the brand and the ability to transmit the company’s values and philosophy are the cornerstone for ensuring that corporate events become a useful communication and marketing tool for the business.

At Galben T&B we offer you integrated solutions for the organization of business events, and we are able to offer unique and unforgettable experiences that are tailored to the objectives put forward.

Our advisors offer our clients a personalized, strategic and global vision. All the important aspects of organizing the event are rigorously addressed in this task, from the conceptualization and setting out of objectives, to the communication strategy. Product launches and presentations, brands, forums, exhibitions, conventions and so on represent new possibilities for networking and doing business. The profile of a corporate event organizer involves a customer-service focus that has become the hallmark of our brand, and gives the client the security of knowing that everything related to the event will work out to perfection: stand and stationery design, online and offline marketing campaigns, website creation, branding design – even the hiring of speakers. It all adds up to achieving the success everyone desires, and creating the perfect experience that will abide in the memory of participants.

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