“We don’t manage group travel, we create experiences”

With extensive experience in the management and organization of national and international events, our professionals at Galben T&B Experiences have the passion and commitment to become part of your team and ensure the success of your travel incentives.

We believe in travel incentives for companies as the best way to convey the company’s values, as well as strengthening human ties. Well-designed travel incentives for companies are destined for success and an achievement that becomes linked to the company’s own identity.

Moreover, we have the most advanced technological tools at our disposal and an extensive network of collaborators and agreements with suppliers, enabling us to offer our clients the best value-for-money deals on travel incentives.

Our aim is not to manage travel but to create experiences with each travel incentive so that our clients are left with an indelible memory. Our advisors offer a global service that encompasses all aspects of designing the event, which is always tailored to the budget, without betraying our strict standards of quality. All of this is provided with the utmost professionalism, imagination and dedication and is the result of close collaboration and the trust of our clients.

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